Are Those Free $1000 Gift Cards For Walmart and Target Really Free? The Answer May Shock You!

Published: 25th February 2010
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Free gift cards - I am sure you have seen them advertised almost anywhere on the internet. Ads claiming to give away $1000 Walmart gift card, $500 Home Depot, Target and so on. But what's the deal? Are these real? Can you really get those for free? The short answer to this question is YES, those gift cards are 100% free.

These days most people are having a hard time paying their bills. A dollar is a dollar, an every penny counts. So, anything that is offered for free is a breath of fresh air, specially free things such as $1000 or so gift cards to major stores. If you are like me, you probably have wondered if you really can get those cards for free. I mean it's kind of hard to believe that these days you can get anything for free, none the less a $1000 gift card.

As I mentioned, such offers are legitimate and you can get a $1000 Walmart gift card or what have you, for free. You will not pay a dime for that card. But, there is a simple catch. Although to me it's not a big deal at all. Let me explain. In order for you to get your free card, you are required to participate in some promotional offers. These offers can be anything from signing up for a free website, trying a free trial for a weight loss product to buying a $20 lotion. The companies who offer these free cards, get paid a commission, every time you complete a promotional offer. That's how they are able to give out free gift cards.

That's where most people go "aha I knew there was a catch", and they think its a scam, and think that in order to get a $1000 free Walmart gc, they have to spend $1500. That's wrong! The truth is you can get these gift cards for absolutely free or as little as $10-$20 depending on each specific offer.

You see, after you submit your email address and shipping info, you will be sent to a page full of offers, which you have to complete 2-3 offers out of maybe 20 or so, to get your free card. The simple fact is that not all of those offers require you to spend money. Most of the times offers are related to home based business opportunities or free websites giving information about this and that, which you just have to register for free. There is no credit card or any money required for those kinds of offer. Another thing is that most of the other promotional offers are free trials. You will not get charged as long as you cancel before the trial ends, which usually is 30 days. At most, some trial offers may require a $4-$5 shipping charge, if you are getting physical products. Which if you were already going to buy that product, it wouldn't even matter. You were going to buy it any way, but now you get a $1000 free gift card on the top of that.

As you can see, it is very simple to get those gift card for free. I myself do take advantage of those offers once in a while, specially during the holidays, since I can get a 100% free gift card to buy gift for family and friends. I just complete the free offers to get my free gift card, and if there aren't enough free offers to reach the number of offers I am required to complete, I do the free trial offers, and as soon as I receive my free card(which usually takes about 2 weeks, sometimes less), I just cancel the trials. Simple as that! With no money spent, or at most with $20 or so spent, you can get a $1000 Walmart GC, $1000 Target GC or what have you. And luckily there are free gift card offers available for almost any kind of store you like. So your not limited to what you can get.

If you are short on cash for buying gifts for friends and family or perhaps just like to get free stuff, why not take advantage such opportunities? If your worried that they may not have any free trials or free registration offers, and you may end up having to spend a lot of money, you can simply do what I do. Enter your information and after that you will be redirected to the page where the promotional offers are located. Just look around and see if there is enough free trials and free registration offers for you to complete and get your gift card 100% free, if there is not enough offer, move on to another free gift card offer. Its not like you have to pay or enter credit card to get to that page. You just enter your email, name and etc, and that's it.

To make it easier for you to find the offers, I have gathered and posted some of the most popular free gift card offers on Internet Is Full Of Free Stuff

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